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  • Jeff Warner

    I get emails asking how my contact with a company on the platform went. However, none of the five options apply and there is no "other" option to catch the rest. In my case, this company reached out and expressed interest in me. I reciprocated interest but got no further contact with them, and there is no way to express "they ghosted me". I just figure an "other" category would be helpful for situations like mine.

  • Ashanta Abdur-Rauf

    Love the idea of this service! I am in the tech field, however, I am in UX/UI Design and was wondering if you considered including us Designers here? I know a lot of us would appreciate it! Either way, this is awesome what you are doing!

  • Laura Handeland

    Hi Ashanta! We're focusing on Software Engineers for the time being, but if you decide you want to pivot, please check us out for SWE roles!


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